The Book

HeartBreak Therapy presents a groundbreaking approach to healing the painful emotions of heartbreak following the end of a relationship. While the book teaches the mind about the nature of heartache, the companion audio tracks gently guide the heart and emotions back to health. Andrew condenses the wisdom gained from years of individualized hypnotherapy sessions into a series of healing techniques, allowing the reader to embark upon a literal choose your own healing adventure.

In HeartBreak Therapy, Andrew provides an explanation of the conscious and subconscious minds and how hypnotherapy is used to free us from cyclical negative thinking and get our emotions back to within a healthy range. Through a hypnotherapeutic perspective on love, relationships, and the nature of heartache, Andrew introduces the reader to new models of healing that facilitate insight and encourage emotional well-being.

Andrew puts aside the traditionally accepted notion that one must move sequentially through all of the steps of the grieving process prior to coming to peace in the heart. Instead, HeartBreak Therapy presents the reader with the opportunity for complete and spontaneous healing.  HeartBreak Therapy includes a series of online audio tracks that allow the reader to reap the benefits of multiple hypnotherapy sessions.

The techniques provided in HeartBreak Therapy provide you with a variety of healing options, including helping you to:

  • Neutralize negative emotional charges on memories
  • Detach lingering bonds to your former partner
  • Develop an appreciation for your experiences
  • Extract wisdom and growth for your future
  • Develop a clear vision of your ideal relationship

HeartBreak Therapy brings the healing power of hypnotherapy to you in a safe and welcoming way.