“In HeartBreak Therapy, Andrew Gentile succinctly, consistently and clearly explains both the obvious aspects and the subtleties of heartache in holistic Eastern terms that are often difficult to grasp for those of us raised in the West. His sensitive, considerate and compassionate handling of this difficult life experience is nurturing, inspiring and empowering. I value his eloquent communication that has helped me heal my own heartache – something that traditional Western modalities were failing to do.” – Naveen S. Chandra, M.D.

“Finally, a practical guide for healing heartache. An ideal gift for a friend or family member going through a break up or other loss (but you may just want to keep it for yourself, let’s face it we all have heartaches and hurts that hold us back!) I like this book’s comprehensive approach drawing from scientific research, history, hypnotherapy and energetic healing and more. The included (online) meditation healing tracks are a real bonus! If you think what you pay for therapy, if you can get a head start on figuring out what happened, and healing at home why not take a chance on a resource like this? I also enjoyed the beautiful heart fabric texture art on the front cover and cute cartoons within the text to keep me smiling. Well-written and smoothly edited, the ideas come across in an intelligent, serious, but light way. Not at all salesy like some self-help books with know-it-alls trying to get on the speaking circuit. Andrew Gentile offers a gentle invitation to heal if you are ready. A nice readable writing style that even busy moms like me can keep continuity in piecemeal reading sessions. I am already planning to re-read!” – banangela, via

“I found the book to be nicely written, easy to read, thought provoking and full of good advice. The point of any self help book is to move you from Point A of being in pain to Point B being free of pain and this book does that. It’s a fairly short book, which I think is a great advantage, it gets to the point quickly and helps you understand things so you can move on. I don’t find books with multiple examples and constant repetitions to be that helpful. Andrew also provides a series of guided mediations / hypnotic sessions that enable you to easily put the lessons of the book into practice. I think that’s a great idea as it provides the next step so people can take action after reading the book.” – Christopher F. Tilley

“I just finished Chapter 6. There are so many examples that apply to me. Instead of feeling bad about myself for exhibiting these things that are destructive, I am actually starting to feel empowered at having identified them. It means I can now target them to correct them.” – Reader

“I’ve been reading your book and it’s great. I’ve been keeping notes in it and underlining things etc. that really reach me. It’s had me in tears a few times not because it’s sad, but because you’ve managed to capture just how I (and others) feel so completely. It’s a relief to know people understand, and that I’m not alone and can get past this.” – Reader

“I really like that the author spent so much time contextualizing our emotional states, helping to make sense of them and THEN working on resolution of the specific issues around the break up of relationships and how to neutralize the negative feelings around them. Even before I did the guided exercises I felt like I got a great deal of relief just from the other content. Good job and thanks!” – Reader, via

Your book and audio tracks have helped me a lot with my heartache and grieving process. I’ve been going through some dark times, and finally feel like I’m on the other side. Your book was very well written, and full of wisdom. My ex-girlfriend, who ordered the book as well, told me that it has helped her forgive our separation and see the positives. She said that your book was helping her move toward that friendship that happens after forgiveness. Process 2 & 3 and the Thought Maps were fundamental for me. Seeing the big picture and what I gained, as well as laying out all the reasons she isn’t for me and how I’m better off. I also wanted to tell you that when I did the Cutting Emotional Enmeshment exercise I cried the whole time. It was very powerful and felt so real. I felt like I was really cutting the ties and saying goodbye like I hadn’t been able to do in real life due to the long distance. I’m going to listen to the tracks on self-love now to work deeper on that one.” – Reader