“To Western medicine, the heart is no more than a mechanical pump, and the purpose of treating any form of heart disease is to maintain proper blood flow to the various organs and systems of the body. But what about disease in the emotional or electromagnetic aspects of the heart, and what is the relationship between these various functions? Why is it that when we experience intense grief, we feel pain in our chest and palpitations in the heart? Can healing a broken heart on the emotional level bring healing to our heart on other levels?”

“Heartache is an emotional state that results from feeling separated, rejected or abandoned. It is often comprised of feelings of sadness, grief, loneliness, isolation, and despair. Using words such as these can’t come close to describe the depth and intensity of emotional pain that is often a part of heartache. Several of these feelings can combine together to result in depression and anxiety.”

“I can’t count how many clients have come to me after having been in psychotherapy for several years with only limited results, and in their first session with hypnotherapy they achieved the result they had been seeking for so long. Many clients have expressed to me that that psychotherapy was a wonderful process for understanding their emotional patterns but that it falls short of actually changing those patterns. Hypnotherapy and NLP are focused on what actually works. They are all about change, and change now.”