Keeping an Open Heart in the Age of Digital Dating

Someone liked my profile. A surge of endorphins. An instant message arrives. The heart flutters. He hasn’t signed in for two days. Is our future over? Dating in the digital age poses many challenges. How do set boundaries in a

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Why did I think he might take me back?

This post is part of a series that explores individual thoughts, feelings, and experiences that are common during a breakup and recovery from heartache. Your partner has broken up with you, and you are hoping that he will change his mind and

Birthing HeartBreak Therapy – A story of healing and inspiration

In September of 2008, while wrapping up a joyfully tearful hypnotherapy session for a friend who had been six months into a hellish post-break-up heartache, the seed of this project was planted into the cyber garden of the internet. For

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