Are you looking for the audio downloads? Go to the Downloads page and enter your password from the book.

The power of HeartBreak Therapy is in its audio content, which provides you with the opportunity to be guided through the healing processes contained in the book. HeartBreak Therapy contains 10 guided processes that are first described in the book. Thorough introductions give an overview of each process and break down the theory behind how each technique works to transform your thinking and emotions.

HeartBreak Therapy is designed for you to browse through the techniques and then decide which ones are right for you. The book contains the password you will need to access the audio files of Andrew guiding you through the process(es) you have chosen to experience.

Not every process is right for every person. Selecting the ones that are right for you will depend on the specific “flavor” of your heartache, how much you are ready to heal and let go of, and how the tone of each process resonates with your life philosophy. While most of the techniques are about retraining, refocusing and reframing the mind within the paradigm of traditional psychology, some of the techniques employ larger spiritual concepts for those readers who have such beliefs and interests.

The audio files should only be used after you have reviewed them in print, or listened to the audio introductions in the audio book. And as always with hypnosis audio products, never listen while driving or operating heavy machinery!